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TOUR DURATION: 9 days / 8 nights
TRAVEL DATES: From November 18th (Sat.) to November 26th (Sun.), 2023
* Check the travel itinerary HERE
CITIES: Tokyo, Kyoto
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
“The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”― Roy T. Bennett.

This was an amazing experience! I manage to free two birds with one key – visit Japan and enjoy DIR EN GREY live! The hosts and guides were very friendly and supportive! I had a great opportunity to immerse myself in Japanese. Definitely worthwhile to see Kyoto and Sanjusangen-do temple with the 1,001 statues of Kannon! I was able to meet and experience all this with the most wonderful people from all around the world, great fans of the band! I truly enjoyed the mesmerizing experience of the live, the sheer artistry of the members’ performance, the atmosphere, the sound, the lights, the energy of the Japanese fans! I am going to keep all these precious memories in my mind forever!

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

I was in the BASIC group and the whole experience has been super fun. The SK team and all the participants were extremely nice and overall the vibe of the travel tour was just amazing. Being able to see DEG live in Japan was definitely a dream come true for me. ✨
The farewell dinner was really a highlight and I wish that would have been at the start because that's how I really got to know everyone.

I can honestly say that whatever money we spent on the trip was probably barely enough to cover the costs for the company. The quality of anything they provided for the participants was exceptional like the food was delicious and the hotels top notch.

Thanks again to SK Tours who made the trip an incredible experience! I'll definitely want to go again!! 🍻

A dream come true

Masuko-san and Stasya were beyond wonderful and I can´t think of anything to complain about. Maybe plan better weather next time? ;)
If I have the chance, I will definitively go again.

A dream come true

It really is a dream come true. I've met so many amazing friends from all around the world to share all the important moments and experiences about DIR EN GREY with. The memories we've created together will be cherished for a lifetime.

Sincere thanks to SK Tours, Stasya - our fantastic organizer of the tour, and Mr. Masuko, who has been with us all along (I hope your foot injury gets better). They are all professional and kind-hearted people who ensure that you don't have to worry about anything during the tour. I have also organized similar activities in my work so I know how much time and effort it takes to organize such a complex project. It can be said that they have made dreams come true for all the tour participants, and no amount of gratitude can be enough.

I truly hope to be able to join another tour in the future, and I wish more DIR EN GREY fans the chance to experience it.

best experience of my life!!!

1000% recommend!!!! this travel package made so many dreams come true, it was such a wonderful time, not only to visit Japan and experience so many cool and beautiful things, but to connect with Dir en grey fans from around the world and share the amazing experience of seeing the band live with them. 💜💙💛❤️🩷


    Those who participate in the tour will receive a set of DIR EN GREY's official merch as a special gift!




    members will receive an additional gift!


    *User registration confirmation required

    *Smartphone only

    *Check the following page for more
    information about the service.

  • NOTE

    - All excursions and announcements during the tour will only be conducted in English.

    - The tour price shown is per person.
    In case of applying for the twin room plan, please make sure to apply with a companion since a one-person application will not be accepted.

    We will not match roommates on our end.If you plan to book a twin room, please note that you will need to book 2 "twin room plans", since the specified price is per person.

    - A single application can be made for a maximum of two people (including the representative).

    - The schedule of tour days may change depending on different conditions such as weather or traffic. 

    - Minimal group start from 5 people.



    - Extension of stay

    - Ticket for DIR EN GREY TOUR23 PHALARIS FINAL -The scent of a peaceful death- show at Zepp Haneda, Tokyo on November 21st.

    - Optional guided tours in Kamakura and / or Nara


    For any of these options, please reach out to us at within the below-specified dates.

    For a extension of stay or the extra live ticket, send your inquiry within September 1st (Fri.) at 12:00 (JST).

    For optional guided tours, send your inquiry within November 1st (Wed.) at 12:00 (JST).

    * Please note that we will not accept any applications after these dates.


Please note that this is a group tour.

Please understand that you will need to comply with the instructions given by the guide, to strictly follow the time schedule and to be respectful of the other participants.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask any person to withdraw from a tour if it is considered necessary for the wellbeing or safety of that person or other members of the group