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TOUR DURATION: 9 days / 8 nights
TRAVEL DATES: From November 18th (Sat.) to November 26th (Sun.), 2023
* Check the travel itinerary HERE
CITIES: Tokyo, Kyoto
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Customer Reviews

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Dream Come True

This is a little late... I went on the tour that was in May, but I have to say that this was a dream come true. I've always wanted to see DIR EN GREY in Japan and this tour was an amazing experience. Our guides were fantastic and lovely. The sites they took us to see were great and interesting. Was wonderful to see the cityscapes and historical sites. I always loved seeing the temples and shrines. I highly recommend this tour. The highlight though was the concert. They were amazing and Namba Hatch was a great venue. I have been a fan forever and this was life changing. Also the group that I was a part of was great as well, everyone was excited to be there and see Japan and were lovely to be around.

A dream come true!

What an incredible tour! I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in it. I met so many wonderful people, and had some truly incredible experiences. Stasya did a fantastic job putting all of this together and guiding us around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Tobe Ise, along with various other cities. And of course, the concert(s) were better than I ever imagined.
I absolutely recommend this tour, it is well worth the cost and I would 100% do it again! A big thank you to all the folks at SK-Tours who worked so hard to make this the experince of a lifetime!


去年八月官方針對海外粉絲作了問卷調查,當時預感即將有好事發生。果然,今年初收到官宣要舉辦旅行團,讓我從因新冠被取消2020年LIVE 的失望中重新振作😊。細數在日本的這些天,走訪 Dir en grey 每位團員的家鄉,品嚐各地的美食🤤,也認識許多各地熱愛 Dir en grey 的粉絲。連續兩天參加LIVE,彌補了這幾年的些許遺憾。

行程從關東到關西、再從的矢灣到北信,交通接駁完美、住宿休息舒適、餐點飲食美味、當地導遊詳細介紹以及亮麗領隊 Stasyaさん的認真。根據我過往經驗,以九天的行程來說真的是物超所值!希望旅行團可以一屆接一屆,日本還有很多美麗神奇的事物和風景值得探索!(其實是我還玩不夠、LIVE也看不夠啊🤣)

很感謝Stasyaさん,她是位可愛、熱心和負責的領隊,對每位熱愛Dir en grey 的粉絲熱情細心以待。一路上,對路線行駛及時間調配的細節掌握,不停地和導遊、司機進行討論。尤其遇上颱風帶來的大風大雨及淹水,她為保全大家的安全作出果斷決定,以及在名古屋車站帶大家「殺出重圍🤣」順利搭上返回東京的新幹線。很感謝 SKシアーズ 在行程、交通、住宿和吃食上熱情的給予協助規劃。


Desiree G
Best Trip Ever

I was a little hesitant because of the price, but it was worth every penny. It included hotel, Shinkansen and other travel expenses, some meals, entrance fees, and a live ticket. Excellent value for what you get. The tour and experiences exceeded my expectations. This was great for overseas fans because even if we make it to Japan, it can be difficult for us to get tickets. I saw so many beautiful places and met so many awesome Dir En Grey fans from around the world. And the lives were great energy! So much fun. And I can’t forget our guide! I love Stasya! ❤️ She’s very personable and fun and really works hard to make sure we’re all ok! Despite some weather and transit issues, this really was the most fun I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to go back home! 😂 Thank you, SK-Tours and Stashenka, for putting this tour together. The dream that none of us wanted to wake up from. 🙂

Thank you

I'm struggling to find the right title for this tour. It was such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing experience for which I'm so deeply grateful. Thank you Stasya for always taking care of us and the amazing organization. This really was the full package. I met so many amazing people. Thank you to you guys too. I've never felt so good in a group. We checked off so many things of my Japan bucket list. We saw and did so many amazing things. The food was extraordinary. And of course the Dir en grey concert was absolutely stunning. What amazing shows, thank you for giving more than 100%.
I really hope there will be another travel package and that I can participate again.


    Those who participate in the tour will receive a set of DIR EN GREY's official merch as a special gift!




    members will receive an additional gift!


    *User registration confirmation required

    *Smartphone only

    *Check the following page for more
    information about the service.

  • NOTE

    - All excursions and announcements during the tour will only be conducted in English.

    - The tour price shown is per person.
    In case of applying for the twin room plan, please make sure to apply with a companion since a one-person application will not be accepted.

    We will not match roommates on our end.If you plan to book a twin room, please note that you will need to book 2 "twin room plans", since the specified price is per person.

    - A single application can be made for a maximum of two people (including the representative).

    - The schedule of tour days may change depending on different conditions such as weather or traffic. 

    - Minimal group start from 5 people.



    - Extension of stay

    - Ticket for DIR EN GREY TOUR23 PHALARIS FINAL -The scent of a peaceful death- show at Zepp Haneda, Tokyo on November 21st.

    - Optional guided tours in Kamakura and / or Nara


    For any of these options, please reach out to us at within the below-specified dates.

    For a extension of stay or the extra live ticket, send your inquiry within September 1st (Fri.) at 12:00 (JST).

    For optional guided tours, send your inquiry within November 1st (Wed.) at 12:00 (JST).

    * Please note that we will not accept any applications after these dates.


Please note that this is a group tour.

Please understand that you will need to comply with the instructions given by the guide, to strictly follow the time schedule and to be respectful of the other participants.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask any person to withdraw from a tour if it is considered necessary for the wellbeing or safety of that person or other members of the group