Title: TOUR2024「Tsumetai Chinmoku」-Shikkoku no Gi-
Artist: sukekiyo
Date & Venue: February 16th, 2024 (Fri.) Kyoto Theater, Kyoto
Open/Start: 17:45 / 18:30
Ticket type: General Reserved Seats


* By applying to this tour, you agree to observe all the organizer’s conditions and regulations.
Please make sure to check the 【IMPORTANT WARNINGS AND REGULATIONS】 and the 【Preventive measures to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 disease and other warnings】 stated on sukekiyo's Official Website’s schedule page.

*Seating requests cannot be accepted.  

Courtesy Request For Those Attending Shikkoku No Gi

  •  Clause 1. Please come to the show in funeral dress code; black clothing with no shiny or flashy accessories, attire or hairstyle.
  •  Clause 2. Please be quiet during the show and refrain from talking or making noise. Please remain seated during the whole show.
  •  Clause 3. As for the penlight from the Dummy Collection, please light it up while staying in your seat and refrain from raising it above your head to avoid affecting the view of the attendees around you.
  •  Clause 4. Please refrain from entering and exiting the venue during show time. If you do not feel well, please reach out to the staff nearest to you to get assistance.
  •  Clause 5. Please be advised that the show will be photographed and taped for future use as a commercial product and/or promotional product. You may be subject to appear in these products.
*Video/photo/voice recording of the show on any device is strictly prohibited for this show.